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What is Cryotherapy?

CRYOTHERAPY, or “cold therapy,” is a procedure by which the body is exposed to cold temperatures for several minutes at a time. But what are the cryotherapy benefits you can get from this procedure?

Sitting in a cold tank might seem an odd path to health. But the trend, which goes by the name of cryotherapy, is becoming increasingly popular.

Cryotherapy can be just what a sore body needs to recover. It may help relieve pain and heal sore muscles, reduce inflammation that can lead to serious health conditions, and even improve the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions.

Our state-of-the-art machine has three levels of intensity, ranging from -130F to -185F for a 3-minute period.

10 Benefits of Cryotherapy


The reason why so many top athletes use cryotherapy is its ability to speed up recovery, improve the training results, and overall performance.


It is anti-inflammatory effects can drastically reduce muscle and joint pain. It is also known to help people suffering from Arthritis.


It causes the body to produce a hormone called Norepinephrine. This increases the fat metabolism up to 6 days and the impact of one session is equivalent to burning 500-800 calories.


During Cryotherapy your body releases endorphins which in return can affect your overall mood in a positive way. Cryotherapy can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression by simply making you feel happier. A positive mind can do wonders in improving yourself and your life.


Due to the same endorphins mentioned above, it can help anyone struggling with Insomnia. Not getting enough sleep can sometimes be deeply entwined with any stress or weight gain you may be experiencing. Insomnia can cause a handful of problems you didn’t have before so a good night’s sleep is important if you want to function at your best.


It can reduce any kind of inflammation on your body with the help of a variety of enzymes and by boosting the immune system.


It can boost your collagen production which is an essential anti-aging building block. Increased collagen can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin and increasing elasticity creating a more youthful and smoother look.


If you suffer from any skin conditions such as acne or even eczema, you might want to give Cryotherapy a try. Many of the benefits mentioned above play a part in improving the skin by alleviating stress, increasing collagen or reducing inflammation.

Cryotherapy encourages cell rejuvenation and can expel toxins out of your body. All these things working together can clear up the skin and give relief to Eczema or Psoriasis-like symptoms.


The freezing temperatures increase your blood circulation which makes it easier to deliver oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes throughout the body.


Constricting the benefits of Cryotherapy to only 10 is not easy. It is a powerful treatment that promotes a lot of good for your general health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging results, improved mental health, help with weight loss or reduce pain, Cryotherapy is worth trying.

Cryotherapy is a popular form of therapy to treat numerous different issues. It originated from Japan and has been around for decades. The old-fashioned and unpleasant “ice baths” have now been replaced by Regenic’s cryotherapy. The thermal shock resorts your body to open its “internal pharmacy” and a wide range of life-supporting enzymes and hormones are produced into the blood circulation. Today Cryotherapy is used not only by several top athletes, supermodels but anyone who wants to improve their health and wellness.