With any medication or therapy, of course, there’s going to be a certain degree of side effects that might occur and testosterone is no different, but it’s important to note that, with that kind of therapy testosterone, it’s really going to be the dosing. How much you’re, taking the frequency, how often you’re taking it and any supportive medications or therapies that we might be happythat, can really help prevent and alleviate any sort of side effects.

Let’s get into each side effect him breaking down piece by piece. One of the side effects that can occur with testosterone is when the body starts to create too much estrogen. When we have testosterone some of that is going to be converted into estrogen in a natural process called aromatase nation. Women have more estrogen than men do, of course, but it’s nevertheless a very important hormone for men to have in their system. When you start taking testosterone injections, there is still going to be this natural conversion to estrogen. As the testosterone increases in your body, the body may over convert and create too much estrogen. This can result in side effects like mood swings hot flashes, fluid retention and possibly breast tissue development called gynecomastia. But, as stated earlier, most of these side effects are very easy to treat, very easy to monitor, and we can always reduce your dose of testosterone, or, if needed, we can add on supporting medications. These medications are going to prevent too much of the testosterone converting into estrogen.

Related to the idea of the body having too much estrogen is this misconception that testosterone is going to create swings. Keep in mind that testosterone is a hormone, that’s going to really dictate male sex characteristics, including mood and behavior. When there is testosterone in the body, especially excessive levels of testosterone, you might have more emotions, especially anger and aggression, but when testosterone is optimized and within normal limits, this side effect is really reduced. I’m as well as, if there’s too much conversion of testosterone into estrogen and there’s too much estrogen in the body you might have side effects and mood swings related to that especially types of depression or poor libido, but we can always adjust the dose or add on any support of medications in order to prevent this side effect very easy to treat and very the monitor to do.

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