One of the greatest benefits of IV infusions is that the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes are able to be absorbed by the body much more efficiently and effectively. When delivered directly to the bloodstream, the cells are able to absorb 100% of the nutrients in the IV fluid. This can result in an immediate boost of energy and rejuvenation as the cells are able to utilize the various compounds very easily. This differs from supplements or vitamins that are taken by mouth. When orally ingested, the body will only absorb a small percentage of the nutrients since the stomach and intestines will breakdown a significant amount before your cells will have an opportunity for absorption.

This is particularly useful in boosting the immune system. With an immediate replenishment of nutrients like vitamin B and C, zinc, magnesium, among others, the body will be restored and have the basic necessities to support white blood cells and other aspects of the immune system. Interestingly, after receiving an IV therapy, the body has an enhanced ability to absorb nutrients by mouth. So, for a period of time after your IV, the vitamins you take at home will be absorbed by the body more effectively.

Additionally, IV therapy is particularly helpful to athletes or any individual undergoing physical activity. When we exercise, the body experiences increased stress and requires extra nutrients to replace those lost during sweat or muscle activity. As previously discussed, IV fluids will allow the body to absorb the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes very efficiently, allowing for faster recovery and repair of the cells, meaning you can bounce back from exercise more easily.

At Regenics, we have multiple IV therapies to meet your needs. Every bag of IV fluids at our clinic is made-to-order on site, allowing us to tailor it to your specific requirements based on your blood work or your desired enhancement. This is extremely important, as premixed bags of vitamins will degrade faster and result in a less significant dosage. Furthermore, at Regenics, our IV fluids are mixed using a ventilated hood, ensure the sterility and safety of the IV contents. We also consider the IV fluid’s osmolarity, or the concentration of the various nutrients in the liquid, in order to maximize safety and comfortability. There are formulations made for enhancing immunity, hangover recovery, energy, libido, beauty, or we can always custom-formulate your IV fluids based on your specific needs.