Kickstart Your Transformation

Get motivated to make a lasting change with our health professionals and enjoy the perks of detailed takeaways security summit health analysis and discounts on Regenics services. Jumpstart your health transformation with Regenics’ Summer Bod Challenge business process management highlights property summit! 

Studies show that embarking on a wellness or weight loss challenge with a buddy helps participants stay motivated and have a better outcome Kickstart Your Transformation. Enjoy a virtual dose of team spirit along with some healthy competition during Regenics’ 8-Week Summer Bod Challenge banking higher education. 

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Health isn’t just measured by pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to part of a healthy lifestyle but there’s more to the story than just the number on the scale. There’s no better way to track your progress than an InBody scan. Summer Bod Challenge participants will receive a free InBody scan each time they check in for the challenge workflow software solution. 

Kickstart Your Transformation

Kickstart Your Transformation

Kickstart Your Transformation Old

Regenics uses the InBody770 to provide detailed body composition analysis. In just 60 seconds, the InBody 770 provides a detailed picture of your health thanks to harmless high and low-grade frequencies. You’ll get detailed information on your body composition including bone density, muscle mass distribution, and lean body mass percentage with Kickstart Your Transformation. Participants earn points when they make measurable progress by increasing skeletal muscle mass, the muscles you can increase while working out, and decreasing body fat intelligent document processing.

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The first 200 people to sign up will schedule a baseline check-in, get a free InBody scan and take progress pictures to start their fitness journey. You’ll also receive a free gallon of Alkaline Kangen Water which helps restore your body’s alkaline state which helps promote metabolism and ward off disease. You’ll also get 10% off Regenics services to celebrate your journey.

At your first check-in, you’ll receive a free Lipotropic injection to boost your fat metabolism. The Regenics Lipo-Mino Blend includes B1, B2, B6, B12, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and L-Carnitine, all of which are shown to help boost your body’s fat-burning power of digital transformation journey. These compounds help boost energy levels and work with the liver to help boost metabolism at a cellular level and burn additional calories. 

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During the eight weeks of the challenge, you can earn additional points by posting your progress on social media. You’ll get one point for each percentage of body fat you drop and for each percentage of skeletal muscle mass you gain with field service management. 

Earn two points by ordering a Comprehensive Blood Panel, complete with a free consultation. Regenics’ Comprehensive Blood Panel (CBP) is a series of tests that measures the presence of chemicals, proteins, and hormones in your blood. The metabolic panel evaluates your blood sugar (glucose) levels, the balance of electrolytes and fluid, as well as your kidney, liver function, and endocrine (hormone) levels. 

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At your second check in, you’ll receive a second InBody scan plus a free dessert. After your scan, you can choose a free Regenics service and spin the Regenics Wheel to earn even more rewards. Winners will be announced July 12th with.

Entry is free for members ($20 for non-members) and limited to the first 200 participants to sign up and establish their baseline check in.