Beauty IV Infusion


The Beauty IV is a combination of vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin looking young, firm, bright, and fresh.


Biotin – promotes hair, skin and nail growth, improves keratin structure, helps prevent grey hairs, helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar, increases resting metabolic rate, supports thyroid function

Vitamin C – protects against cell damage, helps create collagen, plumps and smooths skin, decreases pigmentation, increases iron absorption, improves skin healing, research suggests vitamin C may lower your risk of skin cancer

B Complex – Improves skin tone and texture, increases the skin’s moisture retention, decreases fine lines, promotes skin regeneration, protects skin structure and integrity, decreases hair loss, softens skin

Glycine – primary amino acid in collagen, glucogenic, improves natural glutathione production, increases energy, helps to regulates blood sugar, increases creatinine promoting muscle repair, decreases muscle loss, improves cognitive function even under low carb consumption
Mineral Blend – protects skin from UV damage, increases hair luster/shine, decreases acne, rejuvenating effects, promotes hair follicle growth, increases skin recovery time, preserves skin moisture, regulates metabolism, improves fertility

Amino Blend – Increases libido, promotes collagen production, increases hair growth, increases fat metabolism, decreases anxiety induced stress, increases the immune system, improves bone health, studies have shown these amino acids aid in inhibition of breast cancer growth

Glutathione – Prevents signs of aging, detoxifies body, lightens and helps to clear skin giving it a “glow,” increases elastin making skin more supple, increases energy and sex drive, helps with PCOS symptoms, used during IVF and in pregnancy preparation by supporting egg quality during ovulation, promoting healthier, stronger embryos