The Gold Standard IV Infusion


Regenics’ The Gold Standard IV contains the maximum amount of vitamins a person can absorb thru a 1,000ML bag. Maxed out osmolarity.

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Regenics The Works IV contains the maximum amount of vitamins a person can absorb thru a 1,000ML bag. Maxed out osmolarity

Athletes are extremely aware of how their bodies perform on a day-to-day basis. Each individual athlete has his or her own specific regiment of prep that allows them to execute their activity at an optimal level. And when it comes to recovery, the faster an athlete can rehydrate, the better. Muscle recovery is delayed if a person is dehydrated. Replenishing fluids efficiently after a tough exercise routine can be tricky, however.

Luckily, Regenics’ IV therapy for muscle recovery provides a great solution because IVs bypass the GI tract allowing rehydration to happen at a faster rate. All of the nutrients in the drip are placed directly into the bloodstream. Getting fluids immediately into the bloodstream can offer an advantage when there’s little time available for rehydration, such as when a football player needs to get right back on the field after halftime.

You work out in order to recover. It’s after a workout is finished that your body does its biggest job – adapting to the healthy stress of exercise by making metabolic changes over time as improved performance and increased lean muscle mass.

Amino acids are nutrients that build cells, support muscles, decrease fat synthesis, improve redox state and promote energy production are essential for post-workout recovery.

However, the body only produces 11 of the 20 amino acids it needs, making supplementation a key practice for complete wellness.

Give your body the helping hand it needs to aid recovery from ailments such as common colds, seasonal allergies, the flu or even a hangover with the help of the Regenics Recovery IV Therapy. Developed by an experienced team of physicians this recovery IV therapy provides antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and medications to help give you a wellness boost.

With increasingly busy lifestyles it is easy to become run down and susceptible to common illnesses. Luckily our recovery IV therapy can help you get back to feeling normal by rehydrating your body and giving you a natural and lasting energy boost.

Don’t let a cold, the flu or a hangover leave you feeling unwell. Our clinicians at Regenics devised recovery IV therapy making it quick to administer and helps to ease symptoms such as nausea, pain and inflammation, leaving you feeling like you can get back in the game with ease.