Semaglutide & "Ozempic Face"

Some people taking semaglutide may notice less fullness in their face. In fact, this phenomenon has been referred to as “Ozempic face.” Facial fat loss is one potential effect of fast and significant weight loss. This can also result in looser skin and wrinkles that are more noticeable. This is the case with all weight loss and is not limited to just semaglutide related weight loss.

Keep in mind the benefits of semaglutide on your health outweigh these effects. But if you’re concerned about possible changes to your appearance, talk to our providers. They can suggest treatments for lessening the appearance of wrinkles or increasing fullness in your face.

Does semaglutide affect the skin itself?

There are no known documented skin side effects of semaglutide.

The injection of semaglutide, as with any shot, can cause a small bruise or minor skin irritation but this usually does not occur.