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Two people giving a high five in front of a wall with New Year Resolution Refresh motivational phrases.
Two people celebrating with a high five after a workout, with motivational text "New Year Resolution Refresh - you did it!" overlaying the image.


We are immensely proud of the progress you've all made throughout our 4th Annual ResolutionREFRESH Challenge. Your before and after picture submissions have been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the amazing journeys you've embarked on with us.

The first and second place winners have been randomly selected to receive the Grand Prize of $1000 and the Second Prize of $500, respectively. We will be reaching out to both winners individually to coordinate the prize distribution. Additionally, we're thrilled to inform all participants who submitted their pictures or social posts detailing their fitness journeys that they will receive their prizes in the form of discounts tallied per submitted picture or post, adding up to 25% OFF their next order. Once again, congratulations on your achievements, and thank you for making this year's challenge a resounding success!

Resolution Refresh
Resolution Refresh

Second Prize - Hope S

$500 store credit​

Resolution Refresh

First Prize - Chanda D

$1000 cash

3rd Prize

Coupon up to 25% off.

We admire your determination and accountability.

If you made a submission, you will see a coupon in you inbox today!

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