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Your body is the most valuable thing you will ever own. Taking care of yourself and maintaining your health year after year is a tremendous but important responsibility that each of us has. Unfortunately, our health care system often fails to help us in this endeavor. The vast majority of medical providers and practices are focused on treating disease and its symptoms rather than promoting wellness. This situation often leaves us fending for ourselves and frustrated by our lack of access to preventive care and health promotion. Without sufficient resources to support our health, many people succumb to chronic disease and multiple medications to manage these conditions. The modern-day health care system has failed to keep us healthy, and we suffer as a consequence.


At Regenics, we know there is a better approach. Instead of limited access to care, we empower you to optimize your health, prevent illness, and feel your very best. The Journey often starts with our Comprehensive Blood Panel, Micronutrient Testing, and InBody Composition Scan. The reports are exceptionally detailed, allowing us to assess the health of multiple systems and BioMarkers within your body. Based on your results, we can develop a plan that serves your unique wellness needs, meets your short-term goals, and improves your long-term health. No more waiting until we are sick and need medication – join our exclusive Regenics family and take control of your health destiny starting today.



Your Regenics journey starts with a comprehensive blood panel, micronutrient test, food sensitivity test & InBody composition scan to establish your baseline. These tests are essential and will guide the creation of your custom plan to help reach and exceed your goals. Both of these procedures are fast and virtually painless.


The first step is to get your comprehensive blood panel done – to check your baseline. The blood panel will give us a detailed 6-page report that will check your Total Blood Count, Testosterone, Estradiol and other Hormone levels, Vitamins, Liver and Kidney function, PSA (Prostate), Thyroid, Inflammatory Markers, and other BioMarkers we need to know to help direct your care.


Micronutrients are needed for the body to function optimally. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune response, blood clotting and other functions. Meanwhile, minerals play an important role in growth, bone health, brain development and more. Micronutrient deficiencies can compromise health significantly over time if left untreated.

After taking the Regenics’ Micronutrient Test you will get a report with detailed analysis on which micronutrients your body lacks or has trouble absorbing. You’ll be able to see exactly what levels are optimal for your age, sex, weight, height, and activity level.


The Regenics Food Sensitivity Testing can identify foods, milks, and spices that are causing your symptoms. This includes chronic pain or other medical problems you may have today as well as a higher risk for developing future diseases because inflammation caused by these problems will never go away completely without treatment! Food Sensitivity Testing identifies the specific ingredients in food which cause us discomfort when we eat them – from stomach aches to skin irritation & more serious conditions. Over 100 sensitivities are tested in our industry-leading test.


Body composition tests give you a glimpse into what exactly makes up your body. Your body is broken down into the main three components: muscle mass, fat, and body water.

Our state-of-the-art InBody770 Body Composition machine uses bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) to send low-level of electrical current through your body. Muscle mass allows the current to travel quickly through the body, whereas fat mass slows the current down.



After receiving your BioMarker results, you will have a one-on-one consultation with a Regenics provider. During the consult, we will discuss symptoms, personal goals, your lifestyle, and other important factors that will help guide the creation of your custom health optimization plan.


During your consultation, one of our medical providers will review your results line by line so you will fully understand what is going on inside the body and how best to make improvements. Our experienced practitioners will evaluate and explain our findings in a way that is understandable and empowering.


After evaluating the results with our medical provider we will create a custom, goal-oriented plan to fit your needs and lifestyle. The plan will include a combination of synergistic products and services that will assist in exceeding your goals.



Once you become a part of the exclusive Regenics family we will work closely with you and keep your health and wellness our top priority. Having on-demand access to our facility, regular follow-ups from our providers, and interactive events will help you stay motivated and ensure you crush your goals.


As we get older, our hormonal production will slow down. But, while we cannot avoid aging chronologically, that doesn’t mean we have to age biologically. At Regenics, our highly trained TRT specialists carefully analyze your blood work to develop a personalized program that helps you optimize your testosterone and regain your vitality.


Eating a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet, along with all of our other daily responsibilities, can be a challenging task. It is often difficult to meet our micronutrient goals and consume foods that provide us with all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids we require. On top of this, poor farming practices have left the soil depleted of nutrients, making it even more of a struggle to get what we need from our food. IV Infusions help fill the gaps in our diet by directly delivering nutrients to the cells of our body.


Modern diets coupled with busy lifestyles leave us lacking in essential vitamins and minerals to keep us functioning at our best. By determining where you’re falling short and making up for those differences you could increase your energy, mood, immune response, and overall health. When you function better, you feel better.



We strive to provide 5-star service to all our clients – this means providing results. From the time you enter our facility until the time you exceed your goals and beyond you can expect to have our full support and undivided attention. We won’t rest until you are living your best, healthiest, and happiest life possible.